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Our next quick start reminds me of the last quick start. Both episodes included quick starts dealing with the Civil War. LaJoy Y Mosby, National President of AAHGS, shared a riveting account of her collateral ancestors. During her research, she learned that her ancestor’s brothers fought in the Civil War. The details found within their military records provided her with the clues she needed to break through into the enslavement period. She was able to find the people who enslaved her ancestors.

The Steps + episode

Bring on the Cavalry: Collecting Collaterals

w/ LaJoy Y. Mosby 

  • STEP 1: Research people with the same surname
  • STEP 2: Use the census to discover other records
  • STEP 3: Did your ancestor serve in the military?
  • STEP 4: Obtain their service and pension record
  • STEP 5: Analyze documents and write the story
Watch now “Bring on the Cavalry: Collecting Collaterals”

Watch the New Quick Start

  • The Triumph of Mohammad Khan,  with Jonathan Webb Deiss, Military specialist and Inventorying the Attic, James M. Beidler, and Michael John Neill
  • YouTube or Facebook  Live at 8:00 p.m. ET on Tuesday 25th of July 2023 on YouTube and Facebook. The recording will be available after the episode.

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