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When the special guest’s web address is what do you expect the topic to be? Well, Brian Rhinehart flipped the script on us and dug a little deeper into his military specialty to bring us our first War of 1812 quick start. Having done his research on us, in preparation for his appearance, he noticed that we were Civil War obsessed and said he was not going to contribute to our addiction. (My words.) Link for the Civil War obsessed to more episodes.

For me Brian’s quick start. digging up when there was reminds me of two things. Land record quick starts from the past and a beautiful headstone of an African American Veteran from the War of 1812 buried in Lawnside, New Jersey.

Land episodes + Black veteran

Elisha Gaither

Elisha Gather was a seaman on the USS Constitution when it defeated the British frigate HMS Guerriere off Nova Scotia during the War of 1812.  His beautiful headstone detailing his service stands in the burial grounds of Mount Pisgah African Methodist Episcopal Church. 

He was born in York, Pennsylvania in 1788 and died in Waterford Township on May 21st 1858,  where he owned 18 acres of land. In his certificate of freedom, he is described as “5 ft 8 and 1/2, black wooly hair, black complexion, scar near corner of right eye, scar below left eye, mol on back of neck. He was married to Ann with whom he had two children Joseph and Elizabeth.

Past episodes

There are two episodes that I want to highlight

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