This Home Source Gave Birth to a Genealogist


Jim Beidler talks often of home sources. He encourages us to go deep into our family stuff, in search of paperwork and other ancestral items that will provide clues to their past life. In his own life, Jim inherited family trunks and quilts that would be the pride and joy of any descendant.

Guy Weston, our special guest shared a home source which we all drooled over. When he went to claim the family land in the Black enclave of Timbuctoo, New Jersey he was presented with a handwritten deed from 1829. In this situation personally, I would have passed out. seeing such an old document of ancestral land. But Guy was cool about it. His mom and cousin did not have to pick him up off the floor. But what happens next he shares during this episode in Claiming The Property of an Early Black Landowner in Timbuctoo. Becoming hooked on family history research was just a small part of how his life changed.

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