Street Genealogy @Parking Day 2023


Street Genealogy 2023 Was great fun! Time flew by quicker than ever. Thanks to all who supported and visited. special thanks to the Historical Society of Pennsylvania for allowing us to take up the parking space in front of their building. Thanks to the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania and the African-American Genealogy Group in Philadelphia for providing researchers to help passers-by connect with family, and as it turns out a house history and a cousin who will now be able to submit to the DAR. 

Brought to you by the 2023 National Genealogical Society SLAM winners: Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania, Historical Society of Pennsylvania, African American Genealogy Group in Philadelphia, and Genealogy Quick Start.

Street Genealogy is where groups unite to transform the way people think about researching family. On this day, a parking space becomes a temporary research center. We provide a unique opportunity for people to learn about their family history in a fun and engaging way.

Come visit us! Visitors can receive a free pass to research at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. The pass is for future dates. You cannot use the pass on September 15th

See our winning video

Parking Day is a global event to repurpose parking spaces to raise awareness of the need for social and green spaces in urban areas. We use this space to show just how accessible and rewarding it can be.

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Required inspirational music: The Doobie Brothers – Takin’ It To The Streets (1977)

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