New Quick Starts: The Attic & The Civil War Pension

The Triumph of Mohammad Khan, with Jonathan Webb Deiss, Military specialist and Inventorying the Attic, James M. Beidler, and Michael John Neill


w/  Special  Guest Alumni Jonathan Webb Deiss

Inventorying the Attic

Discover the hidden treasures of the past during this quick start “Inventorying the Attic”! If you find yourself tasked with the overwhelming job of cleaning out your family’s attic, this show is your guide to uncovering priceless gems while avoiding any costly mistakes. Join experts James M. Beidler and Michael John Neill on a thrilling adventure as they reveal the secrets to efficient and effective attic inventorying. Unearth valuable artifacts and life-changing clues that could transform your understanding of your family’s history. With practical tips and a quick-start approach, “Inventorying the Attic” ensures you don’t miss a single opportunity to preserve the past and honor your heritage. Don’t miss this invaluable quick start.

The Triumph of Mohammad Khan

Join us on a journey with “The Triumph of Mohammad Khan”! Delve into the untold stories of Muslim soldiers who valiantly served during the Civil War. Uncover the captivating narrative of Muhammad Khan as he embarks on a courageous quest to secure his rightful pension. With insights into military records, adjutant general archives, and legislative records, this story breathes life into a remarkable chapter of our past. Experience the power of perseverance, honor, and triumph as we bring to light the inspiring legacy of Mohammad Khan and his fellow Muslim compatriots. Don’t miss this show with Jonathan Webb Deiss, Military Specialist

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YouTube or Facebook  Live at 8:00 p.m. ET on Tuesday 25th of July 2023. The recording will be available after the episode.

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