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What is the first question that you might ask upon hearing about a Muslim Civil War veteran?

Unraveling the Legacy

My first question was, did they fight in Black or White regiments? According to our returning special guest alumni, a well-known military research specialist, Jonathan Webb Diess, his research thus far has shown that they fought in White regiments. my next question of course was well where did Native Americans fight? He said that they too fought in White regiments, mostly. 

Jonathan’s research will soon be highlighted in a documentary, reminding us of the power of unearthing forgotten histories. The stories of Muslim Civil War veterans, once hidden, are now ready to be celebrated and honored.

Superhero in a Cape

When I see Jonathan, he is always wearing a cape, in my mind. He is my superhero because he saved me, at a time when I was exhausted, and didn’t think I could go on anymore. I love genealogy but I had reached my limit. And all I wanted to do was to make it to Union Station to board the Amtrak and go home. Since then, I don’t think I’ve ever visited the National Archives and not seen Jonathan. This is where we became friends. 

I was working on a self-design Civil War project of 150 soldiers and sailors. At the time I befriended Jonathan my eyes were fully welded up with tears. He offered a helping hand. From that day forward he continued to help me and I told others and he helped them, as well. As part of his business, he use to provide digital copies of military records from the National Archives. I am grateful for all the help that he has provided me over the years.

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