ICYMI: Identity and Land Ownership With Guy Weston


Do you know about Timbuctoo? Not Timbuktu in Africa but Timbuctoo, New Jersey. We learned about this Black enclave by way of Guy Weston’s genealogy origin story. The day that he went to claim family property he was presented with an original 1829 deed of his ancestors. What happens next is the quick start, Claiming The Property of an Early Black Landowner in Timbuctoo.

Jim and Michael tackle the proverbial genealogical question, Is this my ancestor or someone with the same name? They offer a few strategies on how to confirm that you have the right person. During, Proper Identification Please! they also provide clues on how to best handle the hints that you receive from ancestry.com.

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Claiming The Property of an Early Black Landowner in Timbuctoo.,  with Guy Weston, and Proper Identification Please!, James M. Beidler, and Michael John Neill.

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