ICYMI: Compiled Sources & Bounty Land


WOW, Brian brought his people to the show. We had 100 people online last night and we are full of gratitude for Brian’s multiple promotions and suggestions to like us on Facebook and Subscribe to YouTube. And, his audience listened. We appreciate you!

Just in case you missed it…Found a Bounty Land warrant but not sure if it’s your ancestor? This is a common issue for those researching ancestors who fought in the War of 1812. Brian Rhinehart are next special guest has a quick start just for you. “Digging up War of 1812 Bounty Land.” But first Jim and Michael, in Sleuthing Compiled and Printed Sources, tell us the best way to use evidence which is often thought of as inferior.

Personally w/ Brian Rhinehart

Jim and I both have the pleasure of knowing. We share how we know him and about the quick starts during, Personally, with Brian Reinhardt.  Here is how we know him and about the quick starts for this episode.

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