How Philly are You?


Episode 07: This was my last studio show. It was special for another reason too. This was my first live episode. All the others were taped and edited. I never planned to do a live show but at PhillyCAM they coax you gently out of your comfort zone with growth opportunities. Since we were newly certified we needed experience to guide us, which PhillyCAM did.

By far, this is the episode that people most frequently comment on. It was a bunch of fun to pull together. Thanks to the ton of people who gave their time to make this work.

“How Philly Are You?” – This special LIVE episode explores what it means to be “Philly”. Whether by nurture or nature, being Philly is unique. We will probe Philly-isms and interesting online collections documenting Philadelphia families. (This episode is LIVE and unedited)

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