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Genealogy Quick Start has done a range of talks on topics like: Getting Started with Genealogy, and special presentations called eXperiences. Genealogy Quick Start eXperiences are specially formatted, interactive lectures that feature a combination of small group learning, breakout rooms, Q&A segments, activity worksheets, take home guides and more.

The Freedmen's Bureau eXperience: The Bridge from Free to Enslaved​

During this interactive two-hour workshop, participants will be guided through the methodology needed to effectively research in the Records of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands (1863 - 1876). Participants will learn strategies and tools for exploring these records and then have an opportunity to deepen their knowledge with hands-on research in state breakout rooms.

The Freedmen's Bureau eXperience features:

⬲ Presentation on the Freedmen's Bureau

⬲ Small Group Learning

⬲ State Breakout Rooms

⬲ Activity Guides

⬲ Take Home Handouts

Visualizing the Past

Since 2017 Visualizing the Past has provided programs to spark student's interest in local and national Black History. Virtually and in person, we use history, genealogy, and map technology to explore the past through engaging and interactive activities geared toward kids and adults.

The Black History Postcard Challenge eXperience featured:​

⨝ Postcards describing 19th and 20th century people, organizations, and landmarks historically and culturally significant to the local area, were created specifically for the program. They include local Black History such as: The Peter Mott House, an Underground Railroad stop. ​

⨝ Weekly Meet-Ups: Students competed virtually in weekly challenges using the featured weekly postcards. Weekly challenges included competitive categories for the student pics of best selfie, top broadcast, and most creative expression. Each week, winners of the challenges are declared. ​

⨝ Black History Games: During the fifth and final week, students compete for prizes. All students received prizes for participating and submitting entries. Students with the most points based on the weekly challenges, project homework, and the Kahoots competition receive prizes for their points rankings. ​

Want to bring Visualizing the Past to your school?

Let Visualizing the Past take the stress out of K-12 educational programming. We provide a framework that helps educators with innovative curricular enhancements that develop the engaged citizen-learners you desire, but that time and resources may prevent you from incorporating into your day. Download an overview of the Black History Postcard Challenge to learn more about the educational program for students aged K -12, currently serving districts in NJ, PA and DE.

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