Binge Watch | Spring/Summer 2023

ICYMI: Strategy & Plantations, Deeds and School Records, Prepare & DNA, Dates & CCC Camps, Praying for Papers, Passenger Lists & Black Patriot, Reunions & Civil War Watch Playlist Now […]

Binge Watch | Summer/Fall 22

ICYMI: Browsing & Enslaved, Emancipated, Published Ancestor & Identity, Estate & Freedom, Database Descriptions & Church Database, Census Rules & Timelines, Appendix & GAR Ancestors, Obituaries and Truths, Main Name […]

Binge Watch | Fall 22/Winter 23

ICYMI: Jurisdictions & Schools, Errors & Enslaver Clues, Personal Guide & Manuscripts, Preserve Memory & Google Maps, Notations & Pension, Estates & Cluster Research, Crime! & Social History, Irish & […]

Binge Watch | Winter/Spring 2022

ICYMI: Processes & Family Reunion, Auctions & Timelines, Native DNA & Visualizations, Place Names & Slave Births, Profiles & Organizing, Biography & Share Traditions, Patronymics & Catholic, Repositories & Beginners […]

Binge Watch | Spring/Summer 2022

ICYMI: Repositories & Females, Stories & Passing, Neighbors & Irish Clues, Homestead & Methodology, Cemeteries & Last Enslaver, Funerals & DNA, Land Surveys & British West Indies, Newspapers & Google […]

Binge Watch | Summer/Fall 2023

ICYMI: Inventory & Pension, Surnames & Irish Church, Schools & Queries, Identification & Black Landowner, Sources & War of 1812. Newspapers & Abolition, Signatures & Occupations, Immigration & Creating a […]

How Philly are You?

Episode 07: This was my last studio show. It was special for another reason too. This was my first live episode. All the others were taped and edited. I never […]

Ethnic Genealogy & Crazy Shamele

Episode 06: This was going to be my last episode. I felt that this was enough and I needed to figure out next steps. Since I could not settle on […]

Reunions with the Real Cousin Floyd

Episode 05: Reunion Genealogy ended some confusion. Many people attending my presentations thought that Cousin Floyd was a fictional character that I created. New episode notification Click the subscribe button […]

The County Courthouse is the funhouse

The first time that I heard Joe Grabas, CTP, NTP, speak at the Monmouth County Historical Society I knew that we would reconnect. I was grateful that he came to […]