Genealogy Quick Start

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Bimonthly episodes for genealogists, researchers, and enthusiasts alike.

James M. Beidler
Shamele Jordon

Get up close and personal with established genealogists

Twice a month join us on Facebook Live to hear  genealogy experts and host Shamele Jordon to teach new techniques to break through brick walls.

Learn new techniques from genealogy experts

Hear from acclaimed experts as they break down research techniques.

Research strategies simplified​

Experts in each episode discuss simple methods used to research broad genealogy topics and give you tips and techniques to use in your research projects.

Get clarity on complex genealogy topics

Tune in and discover how our resident experts simplify intricate genealogy tactics into easy-to-follow techniques and steps.

Understand how to better utilize genealogy tools & sites

Special guests and Genealogy Quick Start resident experts explain how to best use genealogy’s most common websites from Ancestry and FamilySearch to the Library of Congress and the Smithsonian Library's online collections.

Every Genealogy Quick Start episode features

30 minute interview with a genealogy expert on a research topic

Focused conversation around genealogy techniques

A 5-point list of steps to help you with your research project


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